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Gorakh Dhanda


The Complicated Matters Concerning the Archaeology and Heritage of Pakistan


An Attempted


Beyond the contentious relationships with other countries, the natural disasters and cricket, this is a region of great and complex history. Its left its mark on the land and people in many ways. From the ancient cities of the Indus to the forts of the Mughals, the archaeology is a vital part of our heritage. And one we must continue fighting to protect.




Heritage at Present

An eclectic array of topics centering around the archaeology and heritage of Pakistan. More of a collection of topics I find interesting really. Some of them cover topics such as our modern day relationship with this heritage while others are more of an update on current research and theories.



Mandirs, Masjids and More

A sum up of the different kinds of heritage sites to be found throughout Pakistan. This is by no means fully extensive but hopes to be as inclusive and accurate a list as possible with frequent updates and more detailed information about specific sites of interest.

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