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Foreword, of sorts...

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

My posts will most likely be as sporadic and varied as my thought process. It will also likely jump from formal, academic language to a more lighthearted, relaxed tone depending on the subject. Treading the line between academic journalism and offbeat blogging as and when it suits. I can be a voracious reader and avid explorer of all things archaeological and heritage in Pakistan. I am fascinated by all its facets. And there is just so much to write about. Whether anyone reads them is somewhat secondary to the pursuit of knowledge and the answering of my little questions. Such as 'How have soldiers of WWI and WWII been remembered or commemorated in Pakistan?' or 'What are peoples experiences of heritage in Pakistan?'. At other times it may even be as simple as 'What is that over there?'.

I can only hope that not only can I answer some of these questions (and no doubt find more) but that I can relay the information in the most accurate and fair way possible. And make it look good while doing so!

Partial head of Buddha from Taxila Museum (A. Khan, 2013)

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